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Cabinet Wood Types


The basic building blocks of JB Murphy Company's wood cabinets are the select hardwoods. The beauty and elegance of hardwood is expressed in the character of each unique piece as it's machined, assembled and finished into fine cabinetry. Nature's fingerprint is never the same in two pieces of wood, just as it is never the same in two trees. These differences give each piece of wood its genuine beauty.

alder wood panel
Alder Wood is a soft hardwood with a fine, straight-grain and even texture. Color is light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge, with little difference between heartwood and sapwood. Alder does not evolve in color or darken when exposed to light or heat as other woods do, and takes stains and finishes well. It is one of the softest hardwoods so care must be taken to avoid damage. Some small tight knots can be found with standard Alder. Alder finishes looks lovely on contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Sold in Clear Alder and Knotty Alder.

cherry wood panel
Cherry Wood displays a distinctive grain pattern and warm color shadings, ranging from nearly white to dark reddish brown. Dark pockets, pin knots and random streaks are common, More than most woods, cherry will darken when exposed to light, especially in light stains. Cherry Milan in Natural finish or darker tones like Java creates a perfect look for contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Sold in Clear Cherry and Knotty Cherry.

hickory wood panel
Hickory Wood features dramatic wood colors within a piece due to the heartwood and sapwood of this wood type. Hickory can exhibit random pecks, burls and mineral streaks. Hickory's color ranges across a wide spectrum, from nearly white to dark brown. At certain angles light could be visible through the knot. Hickory finishes are striking on contemporary cabinets.

maple wood panel
Maple Wood is a versatile hardwood with a fine, smooth grain. Maple varies in color from nearly white to a slightly reddish brown. Mineral or sugar streaks occur naturally in maple and can vary from piece to piece. This is more noticeable in lighter stains of our bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Maple in Natural also creates a wonderful look for contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Red Oak
red oak wood panel
Red Oak Wood is a strong hardwood with a long, linear grain, often displaying tiny rays. Oak coloration can range from golden blond to deeper tones. Glazing, especially in the darker shades, tends to enhance the additional grain patterns of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
 More commonly used hardwoods may be reviewed with an appointment.
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